REVIEW: DJ Frankie Bones – Factory 303


In 1989, on a trip to London I walked into the Hippodrome one night (Europe’s biggest club at the time) expecting to hear DJ’s spinning London Freestyle or House.  What I experienced instead, was my first all-night rave with DJ’s spinning Acid-House and Techno wax mixed with beats until I walked out the door into sunlight.  When I returned to Long Island, NY I didn’t know how to describe the sights and sounds to my friends – it was like being on an alien spaceship and impossible to explain their language and freakishness. There was nothing like it back here, that’s all I knew, so I returned to the UK in ’90 and ’91 to re-up. ????

UK Club Rave 1990UK Club Rave 1990

Then one day back in NY, a friend described an all-nighter he experienced in a Brooklyn warehouse with a “DJ Frankie Bones” spinning wax and mixing beats until morning, and that’s when I knew the aliens finally landed on this side of the pond. I heard Bones came from a hangar party in the UK in 1989 – same breed of alien DJ’s I witnessed at the Hippodrome and underground techno clubs/raves in London ’89 – 91. Bones was their leader here in the US, the one abducting minds all night at Brooklyn’s infamous “Storm Raves” – the last one my friends and I arrived at too late and were stranded outside with 5,000 other ravers who couldn’t fit inside the warehouse ship. ? ?

Brooklyn "Storm Rave" Early 90'sBrooklyn “Storm Rave” Early 90’s


DJ Frankie Bones ‎– Factory 303
Label: X-Sight Records ‎– XS73019-4
Format: Cassette, Compilation, Mixed
Country: US
Released: 2000
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House, Techno

Here we have one of DJ Frankie Bones later factory mixes and, without a doubt, one of the best. From the opening martial drums in “Boots on the Run” to the electro-disturbed “Stalking You”, Bones peaks early on and doesn’t stop or slow down thru 20 tracks. The buzz saw distortion in “I’m Speaking to You” is a popular highlight. Factory 303 has over an hour of addictive techno/tech house tracks from the DJ also known as “The Godfather of U.S. Rave”.  But I know he’s really an O.G. alien DJ who’s still spinning wax all night strong for the alien nation. ✌?

Track Listing

1. Intro (0:58)
2. Boots on the Run feat: Insider (4:13)
3. Wicked Games (2:39)
4. Angel Cry feat: Justin Berkovi (1:43)
5. Stalking You feat: Paris the Black Fu (4:04)
6. Six Sounds feat: Da Goose (2:27)
7. Tiger Balm Beats (feat: Tim Baker) 2:24
8. Doping Drums (7:35)
9. It Hz feat: Dylan Drazen (3:30)
10. Overdose feat: Chris Anderson (2:25)
11. Buda 2000 (2:10)
12. With Prayer feat: DJ Jes (2:46)
13. I’m Speaking to You feat: Richard Hinge (4:22)
14. Lost in the Basement (4:03)
15. Leff Trak feat: DJ Apollo (7:25)
16. Stairway to Effingham feat: Tony Rohr (3:34)
17. Big Brother feat: Mark Verbos (3:08)
18. Flexin’ It feat: Paul Birken (6:30)
19. I’m So Hi feat: DJ Funk (2:58)
20. Hardtrack (4:07)


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